Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Boring. What is it?

Why do we think that people are boring?

I was talking with a friend once, and he said “I’m sorry I can be boring.  Thanks for putting up with me.”  I was heartbroken.  Boring? Him? Never! Boring people don’t exist, just like normal doesn’t exist.  Here’s why:

Boring is based on perspective.  What I find boring, someone else finds fascinating.  Take an experience with my brother, Joshua.  One time, while we were driving, we saw those giant wind mills, you know, the ones that create electricity and are supposed to save the world, and he decided to just figure out the conversion between energy produced by coal, and energy produced by wind.  Using MATH!  I don’t like math.  I think it is one of the most “boring” things on the planet.  However, I LOVE reading.  I love getting lost into a book, or lost writing a book.  I love that aspect of life that some people find “boring.”  Many people that I talk to hate getting lost in a book.

Another example: I LOVE musical theater and symphony concerts. Many people don't like them. I LOVE watching football, but I can't sit through a baseball game.  I think they are one of the most beautiful experiences in life.  I don’t love longboarding (for obvious reasons).  I find it "boring" and terrifying.  But others love it and don’t love musical theater.  Perspective.

Even another example:  I love Monet.  I think his paintings are soothing and interesting.  I don’t love Jackson Polluck.  I find his stuff "boring".  There are others who feel the exact opposite.  

We can’t compare others.  We can’t decide that a singer is boring, because he is only boring to US.  “Boring” and “Fascinating” are based on our personal interests, our personal taste, our personal likes and dislikes.  The spice of life is that we are different.  It is nice that not everyone loves gingers (there just aren’t enough of us to go around!).  It is nice that not everyone loves History or Math or English or Dance.  We are meant to love different things and embrace our diversity.  

So, when you think that someone is boring, even if that someone is yourself, remember that there is someone out there that thinks you are FASCINATING!  And if you don’t know if anyone would think you are fascinating, remember there are at least a few people who always think that.  I do, your mom does, and God does.  Keep your chin up, darling.  You are FANTASTIC!

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